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Moringa Powder is a superfood with many health benefits. It strenghthens the immune system and purifies blood. It protects the liver and is anti-inflammatory.

The leaves of the Moringa(Drumstick) tree are washed and dried in shade. a blender is used to grind the leaves. Moringa Powder contains Calcium, Iron, Protein and Amino Acids. Take one tsp daily with warm water, smoothies or juices. It can be added to stir fries and curries. 

Moringa Powder should be stored in a cool and dry place. It has a long shelf life. It is packed in food grade aluminium foil packs measuring 19x15 cm.

Tishika Organic Moringa Powder is made using a natural process and no preservatives are used.

Tishika Organic Moringa Powder - 100 Grams

SKU: TOMP192023
₹250.00 Regular Price
₹230.00Sale Price
  • For sale in India

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