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"Nurturing nature's best through organic and hydroponic marvels, cultivating a greener future, one seedling at a time. Join me on this journey of sustainable growth and vibrant veggies!"

Pradip Kumar Gupta

(Retired Colonel, Organic and Hydroponic Horticulturist and Seedling Specialist)

"I am a cultivator of sustainable abundance, fostering organic and hydroponic ecosystems to bring forth the essence of thriving green life."


Tishika Organic was formed in 2021 with the aim to produce clean and organically grown vegetables,  eliminating the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to humans and to the environment. We pledged on using organic methods of farming to make sure our vegetables were pesticide free. Our methods of farming are in harmony with Nature, as we use clean water and healthy soil to produce vegetables.The infrastructure at Tishika Organic includes small naturally ventilated poly houses with a capacity to germinate and nurture 100000 seedlings. Our focus has been on vegetable seedlings that are grown in a soil less mix using the plug and plant concept. Our seedlings are healthier, have a better survival rate and give a higher produce.Tishika Organic is a garden centre with a difference. Tishika Organic has hydroponic systems installed indoors with grow lights as well as in our poly house. Tishika Organic has a cctv system installed to closely monitor all activities. Tishika Organic is open to adopting modern technology in furtherance of our mission of promoting organic farming and hydroponics. Tishika Organic has large storage capacity for storing coco peat, perlite, vermiculite, vermi compost and our finished products. We provide hands on training to urban gardeners and farmers in organic methods and hydroponics. 


Tishika Organic is a new and dynamic venture where products and services are constantly evolving. Tishika Organic is where one can experience organic gardening in action. You can get hands on experience of waste management, vermi composting, vermi culture and about preparing vermi wash and tea compost. We make learning about staking, trellising, pruning, mulching and  use of common household items to prepare organic fungicides easy. Tishika Organic is a zero waste firm, generating negligible garbage. We function on cost basis. Tishika Organic is  an equal opportunities employer.

Deep Water Culture, Dutch Buckets and Nutrient Film Technique are some of the hydroponic systems in use at Tishika Organic.


  • To grow 50,000 seedlings every fortnight.

  • To grow 500 Kgs of vegetables every month.

  • To generate 1000 Kgs of vermicompost every six months.

  • To constantly endeavour to improve the quality of seed starting mix and potting mix.

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