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Seedlings of tomatoes are germinated and nurtured in a controlled environment in a poly house. Plugs of tomato plants are easy to remove from seedling trays and ready for planting in fields, garden beds and containers/pots. Seedlings are untouched by human hands. Our seedlings have a higher rate of survival, grow into healthy plants and give a higher produce. The minimum order quantity is 198 seedlings.

Tishika Organic Seedlings of Tomatoes - 198 Numbers

SKU: TOS1A2021
  • Two seedling trays containing 99 seedlings each are packed in a carton reinforced with polythene and duct tape. The size of the carton is 30"x19.6"x10". The carton weighs 850 gms The net weight of the box is 2930 gms.

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