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There is something magical about a poly house. The light in the poly house changes colours many times depending on the time of day and movement of the Sun. In a poly house man is trying to play God, trying to control the temperature, humidity, air circulation and the amount of sunlight.

That apart, each poly house needs to be inspected daily for cleanliness, health of the seedlings and plants and for any damages to the shade net, wire mesh and the plastic roof. Depending on the inspection action needs to be taken urgently. The inside and outside should be clean and possible inlets for insects should be closed. The problem of water collecting on the roof during rains should be taken care of and plant inspection is an art by itself. During the summer trays with pebbles and filled with water should be kept on the floor to control humidity. Each poly house has double doors which should be kept closed all the time. A poly house is like a surgeon's operation theatre. The entry of outsiders should be restricted and workers should wear masks, head and shoe covers and hand gloves.

Logo of Tishika Organic

CCTV grabs of the inside of a poly house

Front Sign of Tishika Organic with the poly house in the background

The terms green house, poly house and shade net house are often used interchangeably. The main distinction is that of natural ventilation. High tech green houses and poly houses have artificial ventilation arrangements in the form of fan and pad systems and booms for misting and irrigation. Most urban dwellers require at the minimum a naturally ventilated shade net house for their plants. The roof should have wire mesh and good quality plastic sheet protection. This will keep pollution and monkeys at bay and create a controlled environment for their plants. The location permitting layout of all three is in East-West direction to allow for maximum sunlight to reach the plants.

A poly house has a life of its own. The verdant greenery that you see on entering a poly house is something to behold and makes you believe in the efforts of man in mastering nature.

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